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Points West Living (PWL) is one of the most profitable and fastest growing for-profit seniors providers operating in Alberta. They receive millions in taxpayer funding, but retain a portion as profit and refuse to publicly disclose how they are using this money.

AUPE represents over 160 PWL employees at four facilities who have been bargaining with their employer for a fair contract, in some cases for over a year. Instead of negotiating respectfully, the company locked out its employees at its Cold Lake facility on Dec. 16, 2016.

After a sale in 2015 valued at approximately $100 million, all PWL sites are owned by the same Ontario-based company. In the year before the sale, PWL profits increased 46 per cent, rising from $864,593 to $1,262,636. The company expects to increase its value to $500 million over the next three to five years.

PWL’s CEO Doug Mills, Vice-President of Operations George Rath and Vice-President of Human Resources and Administration Paul Melanson each own an 8.3 per cent share in Points West Inc. profits in addition to their regular salaries and additional compensation. In 2015, these bonuses were set at $175,000 for Rath and Melanson and $250,000 for Mills.

Between 2008 and 2013, PWL received more than $32 million dollars of public funding to build six facilities, as well as operating funding of $25,000-$65,500/per bed and additional funding for medical equipment and facility upgrades.

The majority of Points West Living staff work on a part-time or casual basis, making wages well below industry standards. A low-wage, casual approach to staffing hurts the quality of care for residents, because poor staff retention prevents long-term relationships between seniors and their caregivers from flourishing.